I only sell to the trade. If you're looking for a great bookstore to buy books from, please check out my list of great bookstores at

My contact info:
Phone: (845) 264-0032
Fax: (800) 576-2703
Twitter [Please follow me!]: @benarcherbooks
Skype: benarcherbooks

If you would like to subscribe to my list service...


Email Me at with the Following Information:

If you want to receive every list I send (between 1 and 4 lists per week), just email me with:
1. Your bookstore or business name (I do not sell to individual consumers, my customers' customers)
2. Your billing and, if different, your shipping address
3. The email address, if different than the one you are emailing me from, where you would like to receive lists.

If you want to receive only certain lists or have any special instructions I should be aware of, please tell me before I start sending lists.

If you are receiving my lists and you're looking for instructions on how to order from me...


By Email, Using the Excel Lists I Send You as Order Forms:

Save the Excel lists where you will remember the location (desktop or a file folder) and then enter your order quantities in the "order qty" column. When you are done, save again and close, then send to me as an attachment to an email.

By Fax: 

Write your order on paper and fax me at (800) 576-2703 (that only comes to me). If you create your order in the Excel sheet as described above, you can sort by quantity ordered and then just print that bit and fax it to me. Make sure to include enough contact info so I know who the order is from.

By Email Without Attachments:

You can also copy and paste ISBNs, titles, and quantities into the body of an email. Orders are okay without titles, just ISBNs, however I prefer at least a keyword or two from the title to make sure I’m getting it right.

By Paper Mail:

If you like to help keep the Post Office in business, mail your orders to me at PO Box 8143, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

If you do decide to mail via the Post Office, I will send you postage stamps to cover your cost, up to $5.60, or the current Priority Mail rate.


If you are receiving my lists and you want to unsubscribe...

Just reply to one of my list emails and say "unsubscribe," or "Please stop sending me lists." I sure would like to hear why, as that would be very helpful to me, but I understand if you don't have the time. I am not interested in sending my lists to people who are not interested in receiving them. On the other hand, if it is really that my lists are too frequent, tell me to send one per month, or if there are only one or two categories you want to see, tell me which, or tell me if you only want to see certain authors. Whatever the case may be, I certainly appreciate your time and effort for having agreed to receive and review my lists in the first place and I wish you well in all of your endeavors.

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