Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top 10 Reasons My Customers Like to Buy From Me (not necessarily in this order)

My lists are in a consistent, easy to read format.
I add data my suppliers are missing.
Upon request, I will track titles you order which are sold out before your order ships and let you know when they become available again.
You can tell me to put your account "on vacation" if you would prefer not to receive lists for a while. Give me your restart date and you will receive lists again beginning on that date.
I handle issues between you and my vendors. I even issue invoices, credit memos, and statements on behalf of some vendors.
I keep a database of all lists I receive. This means, as time goes by, my data gradually becomes better and better. As you order more from me, I will be able to alert you to authors and titles you might not otherwise be aware of.
I can design a program to meet your needs. New arrivals lists, just your categories, books without marks, just tell me what you want to see on my lists.
Most of the lists I send to my customers are of inventories not available on wholesale web sites. Most of my wholesale clients can't or don't want to list their inventory on the internet due to their agreements with their source publishers.
I sell only to independents, niche  retailers, and small businesses. This means I am not dividing the lists or my time between those who can buy in the thousands and everybody else.
I occasionally come across one-of-a-kind deals which only I am offering to my customers. These might be from retailers who are overstocked on a great title, or a non-book distributor trying to offload book inventory they procure with other deals.

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