Monday, October 22, 2012

In Depth Look at the Books the Book Buyers Are Buying

This week, we're zooming in on some of our most recent bestsellers:

The Limits of Power, by Andrew J. Bacevich -- Mired in international conflict and economic recession, the United States of America stands at a pivotal crossroads. Bacevich contends that for the US to move forward in the right direction, both regular citizens and policy makers have to re-evaluate the way they perceive their country and themselves, before a legacy of American exceptionalism drives us down an even more troubled path.

War of Gifts, by Orson Scott Card -- This tale takes place in Card's bestselling "Ender's Game" sci-fi universe, where the great military minds of tomorrow are trained and molded at the Battle School. Religious holidays are taboo at the academy, so when one older student leaves behind a gift as a small gesture, it sparks the school into a frenzy of conflict that draws in the students and faculty alike.

Appetite City, by William Grimes -- Grimes offers us a whirlwind tour of New York City's illustrious restaurant history, complete with menus and photographs from eras past. The book not only illuminates years of culinary culture, but also places it within the context of the people and events that shaped New York City throughout the ages, making this book a delight for food lovers and history buffs alike.

Make sure to check the Best Sellers section of the blog for any other selections that are flying off the shelves. 

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