Thursday, November 1, 2012

Selected Sellers Our Buyers Are Buying

Hot sellers this week:

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
, by Jacqueline Kelly -- Set in Texas of 1899, this coming-of-age tale follows 11-year-old Calpurnia as she begins to foster her naturalist tendencies, and learns what it means to grow up at the turn of the century.

Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith, by Deborah Heiligman -- Heiligman's biography of Charles Darwin and his family sheds light on Darwin's battle for scientific acceptance, and how that battle affected his rigorously devout wife and their relationship.

Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration With Nature, by Andy Goldsworthy -- Renowned artist Goldsworthy makes use of stones, branches, ice fragments, and other natural materials to craft his unique works of sculpture and photography.

Science Wizardry for Kids, by Margaret Kenda and Phyllis S. Williams -- This children's tome of science and wonder makes it easy for kids and parents to make invisible ink, paper airplanes, homemade barometers, and other nifty gadgets that explain some of science's most essential principles.

Ultimate Book of Card Games, by Scott McNeely -- Full of party games, quick distractions, and poker night alternatives, McNeely's compilation of card games from the world over has you covered, from Aces Up to Zodiac.

Wideness and Wonder: The Life and Art of Georgia O'Keeffe, by Susan Goldman Rubin -- Rubin makes O'Keeffe's art and life accessible to readers of all ages, as the famous artist's images, themes, and formative experiences are unpacked and explored.

Truffles: Earth's Black Gold, by Annemie Dedulle and Toni de Coninck -- The definitive sourcebook on what truffles are, where they can be found, and why they are so prized, this treatise on the world's most coveted fungus is accompanied by gorgeous color photographs.

Kirby: King of Comics, by Mark Evanier -- Jack Kirby irreversibly changed the way comics are created, read, and appreciated, and this book takes a well-researched look at exactly how the comic world changed after Kirby got through with it.

Graffiti World: Street Art From Five Continents, by Nicholas Ganz -- Graffiti is a beautiful, but mysterious and oftentimes vilified art form. Graffiti World explores the history of street art, its influences, and the ways in which it's changed over its long and illustrious lifetime.

A Writer's Coach: An Editor's Guide to Words That Work, by Jack R. Hart -- Replete with strategies, techniques, and advice for brainstorming, outlining, narration, and more, this collection of indispensable writing know-how is a must-have for any aspiring wordsmith.

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