Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Booksellers and booksellers

Booksellers are the people who sell books for the independent bookstores that employ them, the people who, when they see you walk into their bookstore, walk to a shelf, grab a book, and put it in your hands. They do this because they know you and they know how to put you together with the books you need to read. You buy the book and read it and are not surprised to discover that you never want to put it down.

How wonderful it is to have these people in our lives, without whom we would not have a livelihood. Now that e-books and other gadgets are proving not to be the death knell for bookstores the manufacturers and publishers were hoping they were, it's safe to say human booksellers are still necessary, still amazing, and still sought out by readers everywhere.

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  1. i believe in real books. i buy real books. sometimes i use capital letters.