Build Your Bargain Section and Profits with Book Country 1-9s

Book Country 1-9s

Looking for rapid growth in your bargain department with minimal cost and labor?

1-9 Skids are tailor made to do the job!

What are 1-9 Skids?

~ We sort multiple truckloads from our publisher-clients, as many as 200,000 books at a time.

~ Titles which accumulate 10 or more copies go into inventory, and you buy them from our lists.

~ There are often hundreds of titles, sometimes more, which do not add up to more than 9.

~ We pack these in gaylords (at Book Country we call them tubs) and sell as lots.

Imagine sorting hundreds of thousands of books from a publisher and ending up with one or 2 copies… or 9. That means the title is not being returned by bookstores very often. That means it’s quite possibly the best of the best.

Here is your opportunity to get the best of the best at a fraction of the list price and often much less than you can get it by buying title by title.

Depending on publisher, we sell these amazing assortments at between
6% and 10% of list price.

Many of these books are unavailable otherwise and the variety alone makes this a very worthwhile purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: THESE TURN OVER QUICKLY If I sent you a list last week, you should ask for an updated list before ordering this week.

Grow your profits, grow your selection, grow your customer satisfaction, quick, easy, and cheap… This is a no-brainer!


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